Jayendra Tariyal

[BNY,DNYS,D.Pharma,YTT.500Hr,ERYT 200] (naturo and yoga therapist,pharmacist)]

            “Humanity is the best religion from the all religion”       [Jayendra Tariyal]

  • I have done my education as 10+2(science) from shri Bharat Mandir Inter collegeRishikesh. Becholar of yoga and Naturopathy science from Andiappan yoga institute chenai india.diploma in naturopathy and yoga science from divyachikitsa bhavan institute banda utter pradesh india. Registered in akhil bhartiya yoga and prakritik chikitsa parishad india.yoga teacher training from rishikesh.500hrs,ERYT200, Registered  with yoga alliance USA.diploma in acupressure from Chandigarh Diploma in pharmacy (Allopathy medicine) from Ranchi college of pharmacy india. Registered in pharmacy council uttrakhand india. Professionally experience started with Doon hospital Dehradun as pharmacist interns,after finished my internship i joint hospital pharmacy locally.three years later i turned towards yoga and naturopathy and joined ayurveda yoga naturopathy hospital banda and gained experience and side by side gayatri mantra meditation under   spiritual teacher guru shri Ram achariya Shanti kunj haridwar.gayatri mantra one of the most potent mantra from all mantras.our spiritual guru ji said gayatri mantra meditation purify to our  soul and reduce our bed karma whatever we got it by birth.i have got a lot of spiritual experience during gayatri sadhna.this gayatri sadhana was like moorti pooja based.i internally curious about nirakaar meditation.after  six years i turned to radha swami based sawan kripal ruhani mission.where i got grace of sant guru maharaj Rajendra singh mahaaraj ji,got naamdaan in 2004 and now i am getting blesses of satt guru maharaj   ji each and every day by meditation.
  • About my yoga teaching journey as yoga teacher started since 2006 from mumbai as therapeutic yoga.started with group classes in pdp park mumbai, malabar hill club house,palenet godrej club house mahalaxmi east,pikale hospital mahim mumbai.my yoga classes genrally are therapeutic based like for diabetes,for detox body,for pain problems,for heart,for calming the brain…etc.
  • “Yoga” The word yoga means” To Join” Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj.
  • “The union of the individual conciousness with spreme conciousness” [Jayendra Tariyal]