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About Us

We are delighted to assume a role as yoga institute based on therapeutically field of yoga as saatvik yoga.saatvik yoga programmed is designed truly authentic and ancient knowledge of yoga.
The primary object of saatvik yoga teaching is to make yoga easy understandable to each and every one. And to keep fit ,healthy and immune along with peace.
Your health is our concern so that helped physically mentally and spiritually developed.

Saatvik Yoga

We are delighted to assume a role as yoga institute based on therapeutically field of yoga as saatvikyoga.saatvik yoga programme is designed truly authentic and ancient knowledge of yoga.
The primary object of saatvik yoga teaching is to make yoga easy understandable to each and everyone. And  to keep fit ,healthy and immune along with peace. Your health is our concern so that helped physically mentally and spiritually development .
    • Any type of yoga experience
    • Professional team with unique program
    • Individual or group classes
    • Flexible schedule options
At Saatvikyoga, our purpose is to reach out the science of health and wellness across the globe with our certified yoga teacher training programs and specialized yoga, meditation and spirituality retreats. Our aim is to spread the wisdom of yoga through our Yoga Alliance accredited 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses.
We were founded in 2010 in Rishikesh, the birth place of yoga, with the vision to inspire budding yogis who have the passion to deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga with a strong root in Indian tradition. We practice yoga with the goodness of Ayurveda and offer a holistic approach for yoga lovers and enthusiasts from across the globe.
With news from the West of how yoga was beginning to lose its true meaning, it was our belief that we could re-educate the globe undertaking the spiritual messages of Swami Rama, teachings of whom we still follow.
Gaining accreditation from the Yoga Alliance International in 2011, followed by the Yoga Alliance USA in 2013, we started offering professional courses completing our first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in the same year. Since these beginnings, we have grown in popularity and we are now ranked high amongst the best yoga schools in India and abroad along with being one of the highly reviewed yoga schools. Our teaching teams are well-regarded figures and continue to inspire our students even after completion of their training.

Blending the modern and traditional approaches has allowed us to provide courses to suit everyone with comfort and ease. Structured under the guidance and requirements of Yoga Alliance, these courses include Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Mantra Yoga, and many more.

Acquiring a holistic approach, we aim to increase awareness for a joyful and simple living. Paving way to reach the inner mind, we practice specific yoga techniques that are useful for everyone. Our TTC programs allow the mind to regain peace and the body to recover its beauty and vital stamina.

Our branches are located in the some of the most beautiful & spiritually-heightened destinations such as Rishikesh, Kerala, Nepal, Mysore, Khajuraho, Dharamsala, Vietnam, and Thailand. We focus on removing stress, tension, ego and unwanted thoughts by adapting a holistic & traditional philosophy, expanding one’s own consciousness, and by using its method of practice. The peaceful and lush green surroundings offer the ideal solace to find mental freedom, tranquility, peace and spiritual oneness.

The spiritual setting and the yogic treasures of Rishikesh, India led us to set up our headquarters on its holy land. From here, we continued to spread our wings and offer our yoga training programs and retreats in Kerala, Dharamsala, Nepal, and others, each place with a strong tie to the roots of yoga and its principles.

We continue to hear this time to time from a number of graduating students that how much the course has impacted their lives, from the food they ate, the places they visited, the intensive teachings they underwent and, the friends they made.
Our courteous staff is always willing to fulfill the needs of our guests and students; creating an experience and not just an adjustment of lifestyle. Conducting fun activities on weekends, we create an environment of abundance, happiness, wellness, and togetherness.
Allowing cultures to come and interact under one roof, we appreciate the privilege we receive of uniting the yoga community across the globe. When we see different souls pouring their hearts out to each other, we feel that our aim is being met. The environment of fitness, wellness, and strength created by our teachers builds a support system amongst the students, where they motivate each other to perform better. We believe in harboring mutual friendships even after our students depart. Taking a yoga teacher training with Saatvikyoga goes far beyond gaining a certificate; it is a life-changing experience to cherish.

Chief Yoga Instructor



Reason To Join Saatvik Yoga

Something For Everyone

Saatvik yoga providing all required facility to evryone.

Friendly Staff

Saatvik yoga Institute is provide a very gentle staff. They treat to our client like a friend. All the very helpful.

Flexible Options

Saatvik yoga has flexible option like timing ,days schedule,.

one day free

Saatvik yoga is providing one day free yoga with facility. If you like the yoga facility, is given by Saatvik yoga then join us.

Virtual Yoga

Saatvik yoga is also providing the virtual yoga. your time, your place and you can wear what you like! Practice anytime, anywhere.

Never Ending Support

Saatvik yoga is providing the never ending support to our ex yoga students. At any time they are ready to help & support you.

Saatvik Yoga Institue

The Saatvik yoga teacher training courses are designed to offer a true and ancient knowledge of oriental yoga, perfectly combined with a modern western scientific concept. The main objective of Saatvik yoga teaching is to make yoga understandable and accessible to all and to simplify it with 6 yoga keys, to show concrete ways to develop physical and mental health and spiritual growth. doors – Dristi (see, see), Aahar yoga (yogic diet), asana yoga (practice yoga), pranayama yoga (breathing yoga), dhyana (meditation) and shithilikran (relaxation). Our yoga school, located in Rishikesh, offers different types of environments for your yoga education. Our yoga institute also offers a holistic approach, so don’t worry about staying or eating during your workout. The program is designed to focus participants 100% on their yoga training and keep them immersed in the style of yoga. Comfortable rooms, healthy vegetarian breakfasts and a structured daily schedule help you focus on your spiritual training and also help you enjoy the wonderful history and culture of India. Our staff is available 24/7 for any concerns or needs. The program mainly focuses on traditional hatha,sivananda,astanga yoga. we use therapeutic  yoga techniques. During the course, you will discover the Asana training group, posture and balance positions, sitting positions, deformed positions, front and front positions, arm balance positions, stabilization positions , open hip positions, inverted positions, restorative positions, classic solar greetings, Shatkarma Kriya, Introduction to mudras, Pranayama, mantra and meditation, yoga Nidra, Bandhe and Drishti, adaptation and assistance to yoga asana, creative sequencing and effective, subjects, work with yoga, anatomy and physiology of yoga, energetic anatomy, Chikitsa yogica, eight members, philosophy, history of yoga and yoga (Sanskrit)
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