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Inspiration for joyful living
Serenity is inside you
Control your body to free your soul
Serenity is inside you
Control your body to free your soul

Registered with Yoga Alliance USA.

Saatvik yoga

Saatvik yoga way of life, balance the body's five elements energy level. Vata(air),pitta(fire), kafha(water),earth,either is balanced by saatvik therapeutic yoga.

Naturo Therapy

Naturo therapy is nature cure is a drug less system of medicine which relies upon the nature sources in the treatment of diseases rather than drugs. Natropathy believes that the human body owes its existence to nature's five elements.Earth,Water,Air,Fire,Ether.


Fasting,together with exercise,enema and sattkarma of hata yoga,panchkarma detoxifies the entire system

meditation,mantra yoga

The sage patanjali saw hatha or physical yoga as a preparation for transformation of consciousness.mantra chanting is way to meditate to your self.

Yogic Diet

Food is the fuel that make us function that gives us energy,builds the body and repairs it.the yogic diet concept of food takes into consideration the total dimension of human existence.yogic diet classified as Tamasik,Rajasik,saatvik diet.


Acupressure massage therapy stimulates and activates the body's own energies to help fight illness and restore harmony.

Welcome to Saatvik yoga institute Rishikesh.We offer professional yoga teacher training courses. Saatvik yoga served in yoga for several years.we are able to develop our own sequence of curative asanas all of which have made such positive benefits and helped.kindly connect with saatvik yoga to get physical,mental,spiritual, development.
We are born to live in happiness.happiness is our birth right.when the body loses its happy balance it becomes ill.when the mind loses its peace and harmony then it becomes ill.peace and happyness are twin expression of the same quality.without peace there is no happiness and the absence of peace denotes loss of peace.
Illness of the bodywill attack the mind also.mental illness will affect the body.real pleasure or happiness is not born from anything bad.balance and contentment are the cause of happiness.
Your health is our concern!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga gives us muscular strength and good flexibility.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga to cure our body's immunity

Astanga Yoga

Astanga yoga follows trimoolar's astanga yoga

Shivananda Yoga

Shivananda yoga follows patanjali's yoga

Mantra Yoga

Mantra chanting is the way to meditate yourself

Therapeutic Yoga

Way of therapeutic Yoga Technique To balance of our bodies energy level,like vaat(air),pitta(fire),kaffa(water),

Our Classes

Our saatvik therapeutic  yoga classes are taught  by experienced qualified trained teacher. Classes are in healthy and fresh environment. 

Therapeutic Yoga Instructor in Rishikesh

Our lead trainer is highly experienced yoga teacher as Naturopathy and yoga Therapist.(Mr.Jayendra Tariyal) used therapeutic technique for several benefits  like for heart problems,mussculer pain problem,mental tension, joints pain,lever problems,physical fitness, rejuvenate immunity etc. worked in several places like hospital,club house group classes,professional classes in Mumbai metro city and Rishikesh.

Benefits of Saatvik Therapeutic Yoga​

Saatvik Therapeutic yoga is the best possible exercise for improving tonnes  physical,vitality and inner peace.
Rejuvenate immunity.
Correct the blood circulation.
Maintain ideal flexibility.
Balance to our  body’s elements energy level.
And improve relaxation the mind.and then tackle the causes of the ailment.
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